TSD It's Time

It's all about time. The distance you travel at prescribed speeds determines the time it will take to move along each leg or segment of the race course.

The goal is to arrive at each checkpoint with the least amount of error in time, either ahead or behind. The team with the fewest penalty points (seconds or hundredths of a minute early or late at checkpoints) wins. To help you along the way, course instructions set out the speeds, distances, or times between points where changes to one or two of these factors must be made.

This app allows you to compute the ideal time to cover a particular distance at a particular speed, to add that time to one of two clocks A or B, and then to toggle between the clocks for each leg of the race while recording the cumulative error as you go.

Whether you choose to compute Time, Speed, or Distance, the unknown factor can be computed from a combination of the other two. Additionally, you may add or subtract time from the Ideal Time using the adjustment options on the pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

The time and distance measurements can be set to seconds or decimal minutes and to miles or kilometers in the app Preferences.


changes in version 1.1
  • Added syntax for links to Facebook and Twitter

revised: November 6, 2016