Present Value / Future Value

This app offers a fast and easy way to compute the present value of a stream of annual amounts at discount rates ranging from 0% to 25% in increments of 0.125%.

The unique data entry GUI employing sliders and buttons improves upon the more typical numeric pad mechanism. Using a slider, a plus/minus button, and addition and subtraction buttons for small adjustment, you are able to populate the annual cash flow fields between -1000 and +1000 quickly and precisely.

Data entry via a numeric keypad is also available as an option with additional functionality and the opportunity to enter larger numbers and numbers to two decimal precision.

Although periodic amounts are shown as yearly amounts, the user may interpret these as generic periodic amounts. For example, each amount could be considered a quarterly amount and the discount rate would be chosen based on that frequency as well.

As an added bonus, Quick Present Value also offers the option to compute future value and to set the number of years for computation of either present or future values.

The iPad version allows you to add, retrieve, reorder, or delete data sets. It also displays a graph of the present value of the cash flows discounted at various rates between 0% and 25% or a graph of the future value of cash flows compounded at various rates between 0% and 25%.


changes in version 8.3
  • New icons for buttons and other controls
  • In iPhone version, double arrows increment or decrement repeatedly if the touch down is held
  • Updated the Facebook share link syntax.
changes in version 8.0
  • iPad version now adds email, text message, and print capability. A PDF report at a resolution of 72 dpi is available for sharing
  • Also, in iPad version there are now 10 more years for data entry
  • Streamlined and improved source code
  • Because new data fields have been added, previously saved data sets will be replaced by the default data sets.
changes in version 7.1
  • Added warning to prevent inadvertent resetting of all data in both iPhone and iPad versions
  • GUI modifications
  • Fixed bugs affecting display in iPad version and hiding of objects in iPhone version when keypad is used for data entry
changes in version 7.0
  • Complete redesign for iOS 7
  • Minimum requirement: iOS 6
change in version 6.0
  • Major revision that includes the option of adding data sets, retrieving data sets, and deleting or reordering the saved sets

revised: August 7, 2020